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 People Driven

Success in today's business competition requires an intelligent strategy and people with right expertise. Virgo Inc. offers comprehensive IT related consulting services by providing innovative and efficient technology solutions to clients. Our consultants have an extensive expertise and hands-on experience in their chosen areas. Our consultants understand the critical issues and requirements of clients and apply their knowledge in rendering service to exceed client expectations.

Virgo Inc.'s culture is the developed to ensure proper identification of consultants and their skill set. We value the development of our consultants and impart world-class training that focuses special skills.

Virgo Inc. has created an able environment which takes care of overall wellbeing of their consultants. Virgo Inc. ensures an affable work culture which supports their financial, health and insurance commitments. Virgo Inc. organizes skill enhancing training programmes from time to time. Virgo Inc. believes in contracting with experience pool of consultants (H1B) in order to utilize their expertise to offer consulting services to clients in a win-win situation.

Virgo Inc. engages some of our senior most consultants to mentor and groom the competencies of consultants. We encourage and make professional consultants in order support our clients and their businesses. We benchmark certain key values in each of our consultants to achieve contentment on both; professional and personal front.

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