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 Competency Management System
Connecting learning and development to company business objectives is an obtainable goal. It requires that each member of our work force not only understand how their job relates to the business objectives, but also have the ability to actively work toward our organizational goals. To do that, we empower our consultants measure up to the goals, their strengths, their areas of opportunity and how to bridge those knowledge gaps.

Our Approach:
  • Assess the current competency level using our Skill Matrix
  • Integrate competencies into training and development programs.
  • Implement competency-based organizational transformation and change strategies.
  • Assess and develop leadership competencies.
  • Select top performers and create COE
  • Strengthen functional or technical competencies.
  • Implement competency-based, 360 degree assessment and development planning.
  • Link individual or team-based competencies with core competencies
  • Design and implement a comprehensive competency-based system architecture and process.

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