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Message from President
              I am very pleased to welcome you to Virgo Inc one of the leading software consulting consortium.  Virgo Inc , incorporated in the year 2002 as a software consulting and development organization. Needless to say, the span of last 5 years,. Virgo Inc has reinforced an enormous magnitude of transition in its efforts. The need for services to the clients and consultants in their desired style, whenever, wherever, to whomever, is rapidly expanding. This trend is also changing the business environment of our clients. To meet this requirement we train and nurture our consultants to be able to demonstrate a multifaceted domain and technical expertise.
              Going forward, to become a key player in the industry, Virgo Inc will reestablish a strong business structure that can respond flexibly and speedily to the changes in our client's business environment. We plan to implement the following measures:
  • Achieve flexible and speedy business operations by automating the internal and external communication
  • Concentrate resources on business areas where Virgo Inc has competitive edge and differentiating technologies, and strengthen our business by enhancing alliances
  • Accelerate the creation of new business by expanding our consulting and technology services
              In the closing, I would emphasize on appreciating our key strength, Our People. With the continuous improvement and learning we will continue to work to achieve our corporate vision by uniting our experience and knowledge.

Ram Ajjarapu
Virgo Inc .
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