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 Technology Services

Virgo Engineers leverage the technical expertise, master technologies and innovate solutions to deliver on time results with accuracy. We implement our solutions using the most stable, reliable, extensible, and scalable technologies.

Wide array of technologies Virgo has expertise are as follows:

  • Object Oriented Technology
  • J2EE
  • .Net
  • Web Services
  •  Object Oriented Technology

    Over a period of time object orientation has been proven to be one of the most effective technologies. Its helps companies develop reusable and easily maintainable systems.

    The key behind using object oriented technologies is to take advantage of what it offers. Designing your system keeping reusability in mind is most critical to achieve this.

    Virgo knows how to design systems based on this approach best, be your choice of programming language Java, C++ or Smalltalk. Virgo takes the best of Rumbaugh, Booch methodologies


    'Write Once, Run Anywhere' is what Java offers. J2EE is object oriented, architecture neutral, multi-thread programming language. J2EE is Java's one of the latest offering for enterprise computing. Virgo has been working with this J2EE technology since its inception. Most of the employees/consultants of Virgo are Sun certified.

    There are number of J2EE based application servers and many of them are J2EE compliant. Following is a partial list. This list may include non-J2EE based application servers.

  • Weblogic
  • Websphere
  • ATG Dynamo
  • IPlanet
  • PowerTier
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    Net technology gives web developers the ability to build and implement web services quickly and strengthen them with enhanced security features. Since .Net framework is a component of Microsoft Windows and provides pre-coded solutions .Net Developers can quickly meet common program requirements. The job role of a .Net Developer involves the analysis, design, development, maintenance, testing, implementation, training, and support of various business applications using Microsoft technologies. Virgo's .Net Developers have an excellent understanding of object-oriented design and development techniques, enthusiasm for design and development work, a strong analytical aptitude, persistence in problem resolution, attention to detail and commitment to quality.

    Microsoft Technologies

    Virgo's consultants with their strong expertise in using the Microsoft technologies have catered services to different industries. Few of the Microsoft technologies where our consultants are experts are:

  • NT/Windows 2000 Administration/Networking
  • ASP/VB/VBScript
  • ActiveX/COM/COM+/DCOM
  • IIS/MS SQL Server/MTS
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     Web Services

    Web services are the hottest technology of the day. This technology is completely based on XML, related standards and is going to revolutionize the way services are being provided on internet today. Virgo has in depth knowledge and understanding of the following related standards.

  • XML
  • XML Schema
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • UDDI
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    Virgo can help you starting from the installation to productionizing your Database system. Virgo has expertise in the following RDBMS systems.

  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • DB2
  • DB2 on OS/390
  • MS SQL Server
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